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The Big Bang Theory Season 2 - Episode 11

The Big Bang Theory - "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"

Penny informs Sheldon that she intends to give gifts to him and Leonard on Christmas which happens to be around the corner. After considerable debate with Penny, Sheldon agrees to also give a gift to Penny on Christmas. However, in the dilemma of presenting Penny with a correctly valued gift, Sheldon buys multiple basket sizes of the same bath item gifts, intending to gift the correct size according to Penny's gift and return the rest of the baskets for a full refund. At the same time, Leonard starts working with David Underhill (Michael Trucco) — the winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant — who starts dating Penny. Seeing Penny get interested in Science because of David, Leonard starts to get jealous and ends up confronting Penny about his feelings. Penny then informs Leonard of her breakup with David after she found naked pictures of his wife on his cellphone when he tried to snap naked pictures of Penny. On Christmas Eve, Penny gives Leonard a gift certificate to motorcycle lessons — since it was the reason why Leonard hurt his leg — and Leonard gives Penny 101 Scientific Experiments for Kids — for her fake interest in Science while dating David. Penny then gives Sheldon a personally autographed napkin from Leonard Nimoy that he used to wipe his mouth, addressing Sheldon directly by his first name as a gift. Realizing the value of the gift and the DNA ("All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!"), Sheldon proceeds to give Penny all the bath item baskets he bought for her. Since these were still not enough by Sheldon's standard, he proceeds to give Penny an awkward hug.
The title refers to Sheldon's attempt to give Penny the correct valued Bath Item Gift by purchasing many gifts of various size and cost.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 - Episode 10

The Big Bang Theory - "The Vartabedian Conundrum"

Stephanie has moved in with Leonard, according to both Leonard and Sheldon's roommate contract. She also buys Leonard new clothes to wear that Leonard ends up hating. Realizing that his relationship with Stephanie is moving too fast for him, Leonard runs to Penny for advice. However, whenever Leonard tries to follow Penny's advice to tell Stephanie how he feels, they instead end up having sex.
The title refers to when Leonard tells Stephanie he sometimes has breakfasts with Mrs. Vartabedian on the third floor, and Sheldon is upset that he was never invited to them.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 - Episode 9

The Big Bang Theory - "The White Asparagus Triangulation"

Sheldon can barely contain his joy when Leonard starts dating a woman who meets Sheldon's exacting standards.
The title refers to Sheldon's attempt to show Leonard's physical superiority to Stephanie by having him open a jar of white asparagus.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 - Episode 8

The Big Bang Theory - "The Lizard-Spock Expansion"

A smitten Wolowitz thinks he's found his soul mate--until the woman, Dr. Stephanie Barnett, (Sara Rue) meets Leonard. Wolowitz invites Stephanie to drive the Mars rover, which winds up stuck in a ditch. Eventually, to hide evidence of what he has done, Wolowitz destroys all the security tapes and hard drives he can find relating to the Mars Rover mission. Leonard has a hard time deciding how to break the news to Howard that he is actually the one dating Stephanie. Sheldon, of course, is no help. Leonard decides to go to Howard's house to tell him himself. While there, Stephanie calls Howard and gives him the news. Howard tells Leonard "you are dead to me," which lasts until Stephanie invites Howard on a double-date. At the end of the episode, Wolowitz hears the news on TV that the Mars rover has found life on Mars in the bottom of the ditch, but as so much data has been mysteriously lost no one will ever know who made the amazing discovery.
The title refers to Sheldon's introduction of a modified form of Roshambo, "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock".

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 - Episode 7

The Big Bang Theory - "The Panty Piñata Polarization"

When Penny's cable gets cut, she starts coming over to the guys' apartment to watch America's Next Top Model. However, after Sheldon bans her from the apartment for a series of petty infractions (touching his food, sitting in his spot, and sending him "email humor"), Penny taunts him at the Cheesecake Factory. After Sheldon goes to the extreme of hanging her laundry from a telephone wire outside the apartment, Penny gets her revenge after Leonard gives her Sheldon's Kryptonite--his mother's phone number. Sheldon's mother calls him and forces him to apologise to Penny. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj are trying to find the location of the Next Top Model house. They use all of the technology at their disposal, and then some, and finally pinpoint it. They arrive at the house posing as cable guys and work their way in. We are left to wonder what happens next. Analeigh Tipton and Samantha Potter of Cycle 11 guest stars.
The title refers to Sheldon's suggestion that, in order to get her clothes off the wire, Penny should get a long stick and play "Panty Piñata".

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 - Episode 6

The Big Bang Theory - "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem"

After an open house night with grad students, a particularly obsessive grad student named Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome) takes a shine to Sheldon and insinuates herself into his life and work as a girlfriend/assistant. However, Sheldon remains oblivious to her intentions, leaving the gang doubly confounded. She proves to be a positive and helpful influence on his life...until she begins to cut off his social life - no more Halo night, paintball, comic books or Battlestar Galactica. Ramona also goes so far as to presume that Penny has a crush on Sheldon when she sees them talking together in the hallway adjoining their apartments. Sheldon finally realizes that he's in a "relationship" with Ramona and seeks help from Leonard to get rid of her. Things come to a head when the gang comes into the apartment and see that Sheldon's solved his scientific problem that Ramona made him work on day and night until he solved, and when Ramona suggests they share credit for his discovery - calling it the 'Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem', which is what the title refers to - Sheldon's response is 'Get out!'. Things seems to go back to normal until Sheldon is approached by another young woman in the same way Ramona approached Sheldon first, and the cycle begins again.
This episodes also features the first montage sequence in the series. The music is Be My Yoko Ono by The Barenaked Ladies, the same group that sings the shows' theme song.